The Swimrun Costa Azahar is organized in collaboration with the City of Oropesa del Mar and the Diputación de Castellón. Its executive organization corresponds to the Evasion Running Sports Club and CM Benicasim.

The Swimrun Costa Azahar to be held in Oropesa del Mar is a sporting event composed of two distances, on the Azahar coast of the Mediterranean, with departure in the Mediterranean Sea and arrival at the Playetes Mirador de Oropesa del Mar. The competitions run north from the south of the town through the beaches and tracks of the municipality of Oropesa combining trail running and swimming in open water. It will be held on June 6th. The swimming stretches will be carried out in the Costa Azahar of the Mediterranean and the terrestrial ones through the Renegà, Mirador, Cala Retor, La Concha, Morro de Gos, Vía Verde. You can participate as a couple or individually. The route of the Swimrun Costa Azahar can be found on the website


10 sections of Run. Total of 12.5 km

10 sections of Swim. Total 4.5 km.

Departure at 8:00 am / Maximum time: 4 hours.


6 sections of Run. Total of 7 km

6 sections of Swim. Total of 2,200 km.

Departure at 8:30 a.m. / Maximum time: 3h

Requirements to participate

  • Know and accept the conditions of this regulation.
  • Have successfully completed all the steps and requirements for registration.
  • Accept the disclaimer and the physical fitness statement that appears on the registration form.

All participants are recommended to have participated in a crossing by swimming at least 1000 m. and have done at least one race or mountain training in the last 2 years. Only runners born before June 9, 2002, only over 18 years of age may participate in the Olympic distance, in the case of the Sprint distance, those over 14 may participate.


From December 1st at 12:00 p.m. to December 31st at 11:59 p.m.


Swimrun Half Individual  70
Swimrun Half Couples 140
Swimrun Sprint Individual 50 €
Swimrun Sprint Couples 10 €


From January 1st to May 23rd at 11:59 p.m.


Swimrun Half Individual  80 €
Swimrun Half Couples 160 €
Swimrun Sprint Individual  60 €
Swimrun Sprint Couples 120 €

In all registration options, 3€ will be added per non-federated athlete in trail running or swimming for day insurance.

Registration for both tests can be done through the official website of the event:

  • SWIMRUN Half: limited to 130 runners
  • SWIMRUN Sprint: limited to 130 runners

The organization reserves the right to expand or reduce the number of places to be filled for security reasons or for other reasons that may affect the proper development of the event. In the event that it occurs, such modification will be published well in advance on the web. Registration for the test is personal and non-transferable and implies acceptance of these regulations.

Registration deadline: 7 days before the test date or once the participants limit has been reached.

Limit of places: the organization reserves 25 places for commitments with sponsors and collaborators.

The registration price includes:

  • Accident insurance.
  • Health care during the foot race and crossings (boats with rescue staff and SVB ambulance) and on arrival (Field hospital with medical staff).
  • Supplies. 
  • Transport in the Catamaran Golondrina Clavel from the Port of Oropesa for the landing and beginning of Swim 1. Breakfast (coffee and sweets) will be served at the port.
  • Event Cap
  • Official finisher gift of the event: Only those participants who register 10 days before the race will have their size guaranteed.
  • Official visor of the event. € 15 optional on registration.
  • Identification bracelet
  • Finisher Medal for all.
  • WetBag Cloakroom.
  • Wardrobe.
  • Showers and WC on arrival.
  • Timer chip.
  • Gifts for winners.
  • Lunch on arrival.
  • Classification and timing with chip.
  • Physiotherapy and massage service on arrival.
  • Dorsal bib
  • Trophies for absolute winners.


There is the possibility of signing a guarantee of cancellation of the registration, with an additional cost of 8€ at the cost established for the Half mode and 5€ for the sprint mode.

The purpose of this insurance is to guarantee the reimbursement of registration fees in case of accident, injury, family problem, leave or serious illness runner, etc …, which prevents the practice of sports for the proper development of the race.

The deadlines for cancellation and the corresponding return will be the following:

  • Until December 31st, 2019: 100% of the registration.
  • Until March 31st, 2020: 75% of the registration.
  • Until April 30th, 2020: 50% of the registration.

As of May 1st, no cancellation insurance will be refunded.

The amount of the cancellation guarantee is non-refundable:

No changes of ownership will be accepted.

It is essential to hire it at the time of formalizing the registration.

Any registration that has not signed the cancellation insurance, whatever the reason for it, will not be refunded, nor will the possibility of a change of ownership or change for the 2021 edition be authorized.

To do this, you will have to send an email to with the registration information and the proof of it.

In case of cancellation or postponement of the test by force majeure, the registration fee will not be refunded.

The delivery of numbers for both tests will be at the Corridor Fair located in the Hotel of the organization on 5th of June 2021 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Dorsals will not be delivered on the day of the event. At 20:00 h in the Hotel of the organization, the official briefing will be made to which attendance is mandatory.

In the delivery of bibs, each team or competitor must collect:

  • Swimming cap
  • Dorsal bib
  • Finisher event gift
  • WetBag Cloakroom
  • Identification bracelet
  • Chip.

To collect the number, it will be essential to present the DNI or equivalent document for foreigners. We remind that no change or assignment of bib number is allowed. This circumstance, if it occurs, would be cause for disqualification and veto for future editions.

Dorsal bib

It will be worn over any garment that competitors can wear and must be fully visible at all times. The use of swimrun or similar wetsuits, triathlon monkeys or the like and any garment they deem appropriate for such use will be allowed. The dorsal breastplate is the pass that will allow access to the refreshments, infirmary, rest rooms, showers, massage and wardrobe.


The use of the chip is mandatory to participate in the test. This will be returned at the end of the test. In case of loss of the chip, the participant or team will not appear in the rankings even if they provide testimonials and / or graphic material that demonstrates their position and / or time. Nor will be entitled to prizes. Claims in this regard will not be accepted.


Each participant will have to use the bag provided by the organization (wet bag), identified with their bib number, provided by the organization to store their personal belongings. The bag will have to be deposited at the point indicated to do so before departure. To retrieve the bag, guarded by the organization in the goal area, the participant will have to show their number.

Cloakroom bags will be guarded at all times. But in case of loss of personal objects of the participants, the organization will not be responsible. To avoid this, please do not deposit any loose or valuable items in the cloakroom bags.

For both tests there will be a general classification for individual participants and another for couples. In the case of partners as a couple they will have to enter the goal together and in case they enter separately (within 10 m) the time of the last one to go through the goal will always be counted.


Top 3 men classified

Top 3 ranked women

Top 3 mixed classifieds


Top 3 men classified

Top 3 ranked women

Note: Trophies will not be awarded to those categories that do not have a minimum of three participants.

All runners will carry a chip. There will be a chip control in the Mirador. There will be garbage cans at the exit of each refreshment, any runner who throws garbage on the route will be disqualified.

9 1,5 Puerto de Oropesa del Mar Líquido + Sólido
13 5,5 Acceso via verde sector run 7 Líquido + Sólido
  • SWIMRUN HALF: Food supplies, 3 (km 9, km 13 y Meta)
  • SWIMRUN SPRINT: Food supplies, 3  (km 1,5, km 5,5 y Meta)

The organization will facilitate the provisioning, which will consist of water, isotonic drinks, bananas and gels during the event and in the finish area. The supply points will be located on land and designated by the organization. The runners will decide freely in each case if they stop or continue with the test until the next provisioning. It is not mandatory to stop in the supplies, although it is highly recommended.

At each refreshment there will be a first aid point and an organizer with a radio. In no case may the participant throw litter on the floor, there will be garbage for it. This act will be penalized with disqualification.

In the Port of Oropesa (km 8) a cut control will be established at 1h 45 ’from the exit. The person responsible for the control will give the pertinent instructions to the runners who get out of control. Any runner who does not arrive within the closing schedule may not continue in the race.


A shuttle bus service is offered to take all participants from the area where the goal is located (Mirador de Torre Bellver) to the exit for boarding at the Golondrina in the Port of Oropesa. The schedules of the transports will be published and informed with the due advance in the web. This service must be contracted when formalizing the registration, with a cost of € 5.

For those staying in official accommodations, Camping Bonterra Park and Hotel Jardin de Belllver, the service will be free and will also be collected in their respective accommodations.

Mandatory technical material

  • Swimming wetsuit: Although it is always highly recommended, it will ONLY be mandatory in the event that the water temperature is lower than 17ºC. The Mediterranean, being a relatively small body of water can vary the temperature of the water much more quickly, depending on the outside temperature and the time of the snow thaw. Therefore, the organization will inform all the participants a few days before the race about the water temperature and the consequent obligatory nature (or not) of the neoprene.
  • Swimming goggles.
  • Swimming cap provided by the organization with your bib number.
  • Chip delivered by the organization correctly placed on the ankle.
  • Dorsal Peto provided by the organization with the number of each dorsal.
  • Water whistle one per person.
  • Trail shoes.

The organization will check that all participants carry the mandatory material before entering the exit zone. In the case of not taking these items to the exit it is not possible to participate.

Optional and recommended optional material

  • Vaseline.
  • Sun cream, in case of sun forecast.
  • Swimming shovels or mittens.
  • System to help buoyancy type “Pull Buoy”. Any buoyancy or propulsion aid system must have a maximum size of 100 cm x 60 cm
  • Hydration bag
  • Waist bag or waterproof bag to carry bars, gels, mobile phone, etc …
  • Mobile phone.
  • Rope / rubber to stay attached to the couple in the water (maximum length 10m).
  • The organization may add some type of mandatory material not included in this list in case the weather conditions make it necessary. In this case it would notify the participants well in advance through the web or by email.
  • Any kind of mechanical or automatic help is totally prohibited.

IMPORTANT: The material that is taken at the beginning of the test must be taken all the way to the finish line, not being able to throw anything or get rid of it.

Specific regulations

  • The time limit for the race is 4h.
  • There will be a cut-off time at mid-career that can be found on the website
  • All participants are required to carry all mandatory material from the start to the finish.
  • In the case of choosing to use optional material such as mittens, Pull Buoy or rope will have to be worn throughout the race.
  • Couples may be men, women and mixed.
  • Couples cannot be separated more than 10m, both in the water and in the running race.
  • The entrance and exit areas to the water will be duly indicated with the organization’s staff or fly banners and the land routes will be duly marked with ribbons and sticks.


  • The departure of the Olympic test will be at 8 hours from the Clavel Catamaran type landing in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The departure of the Sprint test will be at 8:30 am from the Clavel Catamaran type landing on the Mediterranean Sea.

Travel and operation

 The running race will be marked with tape every few meters. The entire tour will be carried out on roads marked by the organization, leaving them is completely prohibited and will mean the disqualification of team or participants.

Couples cannot be separated more than 10m, both in the water and in the running race. Leaving the couple or separating more than the allowed distance will mean disqualification of the couple.

Water entry areas will be open to enter through several sites. Always respecting the area marked for it.

The swimming route will be marked with buoys, only on long crossings or in cases where the route to be made is complicated, swimmers will always have to swim between the buoys and the coast in order to ensure their safety.

The water outlet will be marked by flybanner, flags and volunteers. You have to exit where these indications appear, as it is the safest area for participants.

For the proper development of the test, the organization reserves the right to change the beacon and / or the route totally or partially, in case of currents, jellyfish, waves and / or wind. These changes will be communicated previously, during the briefing.

Support to participants during the event

Participants will be guarded by paddlers, jet skis and support boats at sea and by volunteers in the foot race.

a) Support boats

Motorized support vessels, marked, will govern at all times respecting a certain safety distance. There will be general support vessels to cover the crossing, as well as vessels that will have crew members specialized in rescue and first aid.

b) Volunteers

These will be distributed along the race track on foot and the water outlets, its objective is to help the participants, indicate and ensure in case of injury to notify or guide the team to the nearest medical point.

Drop out

 If a participant or team decides to leave, we advise:

  • At sea:

1. Make a distress signal, raising one or both arms.

2. The nearest paddler will support you while waiting to be evacuated.

  • On land:

1. Make a distress signal to a volunteer or go to him.

2. Reach the nearest supplies.

The organization reserves the right to force the participant to abandon the test:

1. Whenever the participant shows signs of extreme fatigue, dehydration, hypothermia, extremely slow pace when swimming or running, or presenting any abnormal symptoms that prevent him from swimming with normal participation.

2. If any member of the team fails to comply with any of the rules that govern this regulation (see disqualification section).

3. Once the regulatory cut-off time marked at the intermediate point has expired.


In the case of adverse conditions and / or force majeure, the organization will be forced to cancel the test by evacuating all participants.

In the event that a participant has to be evacuated, the organization will establish one or more evacuation points with health care depending on the route.


Dispose of waste in non-authorized areas or any type of behavior not respectful of the natural environment such as:

It will be grounds for disqualification:

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior towards other participants or members of the organization.
  • Lack of mandatory equipment.
  • Participate in the test without prior registration.
  • Do not pass mandatory chip controls (departure, arrival, partial if any).
  • Do not follow the route marked by the organization or skip any of the travel buoys.
  • Get on a support boat, kayak or supplies.
  • Exceed the maximum time allowed.
  • In the case of couples, separate more than 10m or leave the couple.
  • The organization reserves the power to sanction the behaviors not typified in the previous list of offenses that contravene the provisions of this regulation.

It will be grounds for expulsion and prohibition to participate in future editions:

  • Participate with another participant’s bib.
  • I leave without notifying the organization.
  • Do not obey orders from organizers or health control services.
  • Omission of help to another person.

It will be subject to penalty in the form of time:

  • Not fully comply with any of the swim or run sections, leaving the amount of time to penalize depending on the severity of the action at the discretion of the organization. Always between a minimum of 5 ’and a maximum of 30’ and when the action is subject to the susceptibility of the participant’s mistake or error, otherwise he will be completely disqualified.

The test itinerary respects existing beaches, roads and paths. The runners must protect and respect the natural environment in which the races are held, especially in terms of signage, bins, road cleaning, areas marked by their easy degradation or for any other reason, etc; In addition to sharing with the rest of tourists or visitors of these areas the environment that will not be limited to such use.

It is the obligation of the competitors to take their waste, containers, papers, etc., to the goal or places indicated by the organization. Any broken own item, used in the competition (shovels, pull-boys, fanny packs, etc.) can be delivered in a control to be removed. Brokers who do not deposit them in an enabled zone will be disqualified.

All runners must take the route marked by the organization, not respecting it or not going through any of the established controls, will be cause for penalty or disqualification. It is expressly forbidden to stop on unmarked land. Do not respect this prohibition

carries a penalty of 30 minutes in the first case and disqualification for the following.

 The runners, within their possibilities, must provide relief to any participant who is in danger or has been injured and is obliged to notify the nearest control immediately. This rule is basic and not respecting it implies immediate disqualification. Throughout the tour, participants must follow the instructions of the members of the controls.

External assistance to runners, except in cases of danger or accident, is reduced to the controls of the Torre la Corda and Puerto de Oropesa, It is not allowed to be accompanied by a person not enrolled in the race, except in the 100 meters prior to the goal and in the refreshment areas. Failure to respect these rules entails a penalty of 30 minutes in the first case and disqualification in the following.

The use of substances, pharmacological groups and methods destined to artificially increase the physical abilities of athletes (doping) is strictly prohibited, and Organic Law 3/2013, of June 20 on the protection of the health of the athlete and of struggle is applicable. against doping in sports activity, its Regulations and other federal regulations. This rule is basic and not respecting it implies disqualification, in addition to the legal consequences derived from the fact.

Both the registration in the Half distance and in the Sprint, implies full acceptance of these regulations. The organizers are exempt from any responsibility in case of accident or personal injury suffered before, during or after the competitions, although there is civil and accident insurance for people participating in the mentioned races.

The event takes place over a single day. The objective of the test is to carry out the route of OROPESA NORTH OF OROPESA TO THE SOUTH TRAVELING ALL ITS COAST, combining the disciplines of running on foot and swimming consecutively.

The entire event takes place in the area of ​​Oropesa coast of Mar del Mar, so we remind participants of the importance of respecting the environment around us at all times and collaborating in its protection.

SWIMRUN COSTA AZAHAR asks everyone’s help to leave no trace and leave a better space after the event than we have found.

As an open water swimmer and runner, he respects and protects the environment. We count on your collaboration.

For reasons of force majeure beyond its control, the organization reserves the right to suspend, divert, neutralize or modify the time slots and / or the routes and supplies of the event, NOT RETURNING THE AMOUNT OF THE REGISTRATION IN ANY CASE.

In case the organization considers it necessary, it may modify these regulations. The modifications will be duly communicated to the participants. The completion of the registration implies the recognition and acceptance of these regulations.

The right to the image itself is a right recognized in article 18.1 of the Constitution and regulated in Law 5/1982, of May 5, on the right to honor, personal and family privacy, and the image itself, as well. as in the application of the Organic Law 15/1999 of Protection of Personal Data, of December 13. Acceptance of these regulations necessarily implies that the participant authorizes RUNDAY SL, and whoever authorizes it, to take photographs and film their participation in the SWIM RUN – COSTA AZAHAR, and gives their consent for its dissemination and commercial exploitation and advertising of all the images taken during the event, in which it is clearly identifiable, without the right of the participant to receive any financial compensation. The organizing entity reserves the right to use any type of photography, filming or recording that it takes, provided it is related to the participation in the event. The organizing entity reserves the right exclusively to the image of the SWIMRUN tests, as well as the audiovisual, photographic and journalistic exploitation of the competition. In accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce in its article 21, we request your consent to be able to carry out advertising communications that we consider may be of interest, by email or by any other equivalent means of electronic communication. Any media or advertising project must first have the express written consent of the organization. Otherwise, all legal actions deemed pertinent will be taken.

Data Protection. In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law of 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, and with the new European data protection regulation “GDPR” effective as of May 25, 2018, The data of the participants collected in the registration form will be included in automated files whose ownership corresponds to the organizers of the SWIM RUN – COSTA AZAHAR, the data will be used for the management of the test, for informational and advertising purposes, in addition to administering and manage your participation in the event. Interested parties may revoke their consent at any time and exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition and deletion by sending an electronic communication to

Registration for the test implies the acceptance of the rules and the adequate preparation of the participant for its realization, and that is aware of the hardness of the meteorological conditions and water temperature that can be found in the environment where the test is disputed. In this sense, the participant exempts the organization from possible health problems arising from their participation in the race.

Participants enrolled in the test understand that they participate voluntarily and under their own responsibility in the competition and, therefore, exonerate the organization of the test from total responsibility and agree not to denounce the organizing entity, collaborators, sponsors and other participants, as well as not to initiate any claim of civil responsibility to the mentioned parties. For these purposes, at the time of registration, the participant will have to tick the acceptance box for the discharge for the registration to be formalized. The organization recommends that all participants take a 2000m test in the pool. Ideal to do it below 40 minutes and in a maximum of 60, to successfully complete the water sections. The organization does not recommend testing if the result of the 2000m test in the pool is of a time above 60 minutes. The organization recommends that all participants have a medical review / stress test annually. Remember that the test insurance only covers accidents and does not include treatments for pathologies that the participant may already have, such as myocardial infarction.

Any claim may be directed to the email info @ swimruncostazahar., Com during the 15 calendar days following the celebration of the SWIMRUN – COSTA AZAHAR 2020. The email will have to contain the following information of the affected corridor:

  • Name and surname
  • ID
  • Address
  • Race number
  • Telephone contact
  • Exhibition of the facts
  • Request of the affected broker
  • Attachments: If the broker deems it appropriate, you can attach proof to the mail to make the claim.

Claims will be resolved within 7 days after sending the e-mail.

NOTE: The e-mail info@swimruncostazahar., Com will only attend claims that come directly from the affected corridor itself and in no case will any other type of claims, comments or complaints be answered or addressed.